About Us


“Woman’s Education Society “ is a prominent and renowned insinuation in the education history of North Maharashtra region. The institute is doing so much noteworthy and remarkable work from last 85 years till today.

Geographical boundaries are vanishing today due to tremendous revolution in technology. To with stand it, it is necessary for every student to be updated. Women's Education Society always assists such students by proper guidance. To provide the best education facilities for training bright students for careers in Science and Mathematics, it has started its competitive examination guidance centre i.e. Kota Career Academy’ in June 2010. The pioneer of ‘ Param’ super computer, Padmashree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar’s eht compete and ’Women’s Education Society’ jointly started it in June 2010.

Our today’s educational system tests students ‘Memory’ and not the other aspects of intelligence such as ‘Knowledge’ ‘Comprehension’, ‘Application’ etc. but Kota Career Academy offers diffract courses, those meet these requirements. These courses server the dual purpose of building a solid foundation of knowledge and of enhancing confidence, curiosity and innovative aspect in the students. For this, it is necessary for students to appear for different commutative examination such as MTSE, NTSE, KVPY, Hamibhabba Balvidnyanik spardha Priksha, Olympiads etc. from their school life. When a student thinks about “Why And How ?” then only he can apply his knowledge in required fields. So academy emphasizes on clearing the various basic concepts of Math’s and Science. The proper guidance of highly qualified and motivated faculties , their consistent efforts and support, well prepared study material, a well equipped library, compete preparation of the prescribed syllabus through numerous tests play key role in it.

Previously, the students from Dhule or North Maharashtra region used to go, rather they were forces to go to the cities like Kota, Hyderabad, Pune or Mumbai For higher studies or for preparation of different completive examinations such as IIT – JEE, AIPMT etc. but family background or economic background of each student may not be sound enough. In such cases, Women’s education Society has given a strong option for them through ‘ Kota Career Academy’.

Kota Career Academy was established to draw out hidden talent of the students and to provide the necessary dynamism in the light of expanding knowledge. We are proud to say that, we are gradually achieving our goal. Our students are showing the consistent performance from the very first year of the foundation. We are proud to be on right track.

Highlights of our school

  • Talented and well trained teaching staff.
  • From Pre – Primary to 12th STD.
  • Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, IIT Course, Cambridge Conversation Course.
  • Law College
  • Effective working of management.
  • Effective working of parents – teachers association.
  • Effective working of school committee.
  • Effective training for sports, cultural, scientific activity.

Beyond Academics

  • External Competitive Exams.
  • High School Scholarship Exam.
  • Government Drawing Exams, Elementary & Intermediate Exams.
  • Maharashtra Talent Search Exam.
  • National Talent Search Exam.
  • Homi Bhaba.

Other Programs

  • Science Exhibition
  • Education Picnic
  • Gathering
  • Guide
  • Poem Singing
  • Shloka Recitation
  • Rangoli
  • Tree Plantation
  • Provision of Nutritional Diet


  • Class Decoration
  • Balnagari
  • Drawing Competition
  • Debate
  • Sports
  • Gurupournima
  • Sanskrit Day
  • Teachers Day